The DAC43701 is an 8-bit, single-channel, voltage output, smart DAC with GPIO triggers

The 10-bit DAC53701 and 8-bit DAC43701 (DAC53701) are a family of pin-compatible buffered voltage output smart digital-to-analog converters (DACs). These devices consume very low power and are packaged in a tiny 8-pin WSON package. The feature set, combined with the tiny package and low power consumption, makes the DAC53701 ideal for applications such as appliance gate fade, processorless LED dimming with PWM input, universal bias point generation, voltage margining and scaling, PWM signal generation and medical alerts sound generation.

These devices feature non-volatile memory (NVM), an internal reference, a PMBus-compatible I 2 C interface, and a general-purpose input. The DAC53701 operates using the internal reference or power supply as the reference and provides a full-scale output of 1.8V to 5.5V.

The DAC53701 are smart DAC devices because of their advanced integration features. With force-sensing output, GPI-based function triggering, AQV210 medical alerts, PWM output, and NVM capabilities, the smart DAC enables system performance and control without the need for software.


1 LSB INL and DNL (10-bit and 8-bit)

●Wide operating range

— Power: 1.8V to 5.5V

—Temperature range: –40°C to +125°C

● General purpose input (GPI) based function trigger

●PMBus? Compatible with I 2 C interface

- Standard, Express and Express modes plus

- Four device address options configured with broadcast address

—1.62-VV IH, V DD = 5.5V

●User programmable non-volatile memory (NVM/EEPROM)

- Save and recall all register settings

●Programmable waveform generation: square, triangle and sawtooth

●Pulse width modulation (PWM) output using triangle wave and FB pin

● Pre-programmed medical alert tone generation modes: low, medium and high priority alerts

●Digital conversion rate control

●Internal reference

Very low power consumption: 0.2 mA at 1.8 V

●Flexible start: high impedance or 10K-GND

Micro package: 8-pin WSON (2mm × 2mm)


Resolution (bits): 8

Number of DAC channels (#): 1

Interface type: I2C

Output Type: Buffered Voltage

Setup time (?s): 12

Features: Small size, smart DAC

Reference type: external, internal

Architecture: String

Output Range (Max) (mA/V): 5.5

Output Range (Min) (mA/V): 0

Operating Temperature Range (C): -40 to 125