The INA183 is a 2.7V to 26V Precision Current Sense Amplifier

The INA183 is a high precision voltage output, AD630BD shunt monitor (also known as a current sense amplifier) ​​typically used for overcurrent protection, precision current measurement for system optimization, or closed-loop feedback circuits. The device can sense the voltage drop across the shunt resistor at common-mode voltages from 2.7 V to 26 V. Three fixed gains are available: 50 V/V, 100 V/V, and 200 V/V. The low offset of the zero-drift architecture supports current sensing with a maximum voltage drop across the shunt down to 10mV full scale.

The device operates by drawing power from the IN+ pin with a maximum supply current of 130µA. All versions are rated from –40 °C to 125 °C and are available in a 5-pin SOT-23 package.


●Wide common mode range: 2.7V to 26V

Offset voltage: ±170 μV (max) (10mV full-scale shunt drop)


○Gain error ±0.4% (maximum temperature range):

○0.5μV/°C offset drift (max)

○10 ppm/°C gain drift (max)

●Gain selection:

○INA183A1: 50V/V

○INA183A2: 100V/V

○INA183A3: 200V/V

● Quiescent current: 130μA (maximum)

●Package: 5-pin SOT-23


Common Mode Voltage (Max) (V): 26

Common Mode Voltage (Min) (V): 2.7

Input Offset (+/-) (Max) (uV): 150

Input Offset Drift (+/-) (Typ) (uV/C): 0.5

Gain (V/V): 100, 200, 50

Gain Error (%): 0.4

Gain Error Drift (+/-) (Max) (ppm/°C): 10

CMRR (minimum) (dB): 100

Bandwidth (kHz): 80

Supply Voltage (Max) (V): 26

Supply voltage (Min) (V): 2.7

Iq (max) (mA): 0.13

Number of channels (#): 1

Comparator (#): 0

Features: High Accuracy

Operating Temperature Range (C): -40 to 125